Vote Justine #1 for UCU Vice President

Let’s build a more united union that cares for and protects all its members, especially those with the quietest voices and most precarious lives.

Let’s build a union that thinks more strategically; bargains more creatively, and looks longer-term.

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How Warwick UCU scored a big win in the fight against casualisation

Ending the scourge of casualisation must be at the heart of UCU’s work. But, there are no quick fixes. It requires both national and local pressure as well as a long-term strategy. Sometimes, the biggest wins happen with not much more than a photo to show for it. TeachHigher was like that. In 2015, duringContinue reading “How Warwick UCU scored a big win in the fight against casualisation”

Vote for Justine

Guest post by Michael Carley (Former NEC rep) UCU needs somebody like Justine Mercer. In Higher Education we have come through two years of intense industrial action; in Further Education, we have seen more local disputes than for many years. We have grown as a union and we have raised our demands. Justine has putContinue reading “Vote for Justine”

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